Eduroam Wireless Network: Getting Started

All staff and students registered at the University will automatically be granted access to the campus WiFi network using their University email address and password.


Logging in successfully will enable secure and encrypted access to the eduroam wireless network.

To access the wireless network you will require:

  • A WiFi enabled device 
  • Your University *email address and password

*Postgraduate researchers will need to use their full student email address

Connecting to eduroam

Before you start we recommend that you download the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool.

  1. Visit the eduroam configuration assistant tool website.
  2. Select 'Download your eduroam installer'.
  3. Your device and operating system should be automatically detected.If not, use the menu system to select the apropriate options.
  4. Select the blue button to download the installer.
  5. If the installer does not automatically start, run the installer.
  6. When prompted, enter your university email address.
  7. Enter your password.

Your device should now be configured to access the eduroam network. For more information and support about connecting please visit the Knowledge Base article on connecting to eduroam.

Read more about the eduroam service

You can also check the international status of eduroam services.

There are also knowledge base articles covering connecting with specific operating systems:

We no longer support the use of Windows XP or Windows Vista on the network, due to these operating systems now being out of support by Microsoft. You may also be able to connect a device under a different operating system, however IT Services can only support recommended systems.


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