Assistive Technologies


Assistive Software





The Assistive Software folder is available on the Desktop of every IT Services Cluster PC; to all Students who have registered with Disability or Learning Support Team.











There is Mind-mapping (Mind Genius) and Proof reading (Read and Write) software available  to everyone through the start menu.

Available Software.

The Software available for use within the university is as follows:

JAWS 12 for Windows 
ZoomText 10
Read & Write 9

Jaws for Windows

Jaws is a screen-reader which reads out-loud everything that is displayed on the screen, and the text you type. You control Jaws by using keyboard shortcuts.










Jaws Screen Reader


ZoomText 10

Is a software solution ideally suited for computer users with low vision.








 ZoomText is a powerful screen magnifier and screen reader that makes your computer easier to see, hear and use. You are able to magnify your computer screen from 1 to 16 times its usual size. You can choose from a number of different adjustable views that let you see both a magnified and unmagnified portion of the screen at the same time. It is possible to invert the colours displayed for ease of use.

Speech features assist you in processing the information on your screen. ZoomText can read text that you type or point to with the mouse. ZoomText moves the magnified area of the screen so you always see the text being read and highlights words and lines as they are spoken.

Read And Write 9

Literacy, proof reading and screen reading software: If you are not quite sure if you have the right spelling of the word you want in the right context then perhaps this software may well be useful to you.





Other Facilities and Information

In addition to the above there are dedicated Assistive Technology Booths available for eligible students: