IT Services Clusters

IT Services provide flexible Computer Clusters and Learning Suites at many locations across the University campus.

You can gain access to IT Services Cluster PCs using your University Username and Password.  If you are unsure of your Username or Password please contact the IT Service Desk

What facilities do IT Services Clusters offer?

A Standardised Image

The IT Services Cluster Software Image is standardised as much as possible across IT Services computer clusters and site libraries. The standard image allows users to move from location to location and have the same base applications available to them. 

Assistive Software

Most of our Cluster PCs provide access to assistive software which provide screen magnification, screen reading, literacy and mind-mapping software.  For more information please visit the Assistive Software pages on this site through the link below.

Assistive Technology

Printing Facilities

Most of our computer clusters have printing facilities available for every PC.  The majority of cluster printing facilities are linked into the Charged Printing system which allows users to set up a credit account to pay for their printing and photocopying needs across campus.  For more information on the Charged Printing System please visit the Charged Printing pages on this site through the link below:

Student Printing

Booking a Teaching Room

Some of these clusters can be centrally booked for teaching if required such as the Learning Centre.  If you are interested in booking an IT Services cluster room for teaching please contact Central Room Bookings on 0121 414 6617.

How can I request that a piece of software is installed on the Cluster Image?

University staff members can submit a request for software to be added to the IT Services Cluster image through the IT Services Service Desk. For more details on how to do this please click the link below:

Request Software Change 

Where can I find IT Services Cluster Facilities?

There are IT Services clusters all across the University campus.  For details of where you can find our facilities please the link below:

Cluster Locations




Professional Services