MyPC Booking

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyPC Booking?

MyPC is a web-based service for booking open-access PCs in advance.

Login to MyPC with your university username and password

Once logged in you will see the toolbar where you will be able to book PCs that are located in the computer clusters on the ground floor or first floor of the Main Library. Booking is not available for other campus clusters where all PCs are available on a first come first served walk-up basis.

You can only book or login to one PC at any one time and you cannot book a PC on behalf of soemone else. 

How long can I book a PC for?

You can book up to two sessions, two days in advance. Each session can be booked for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours

You can extend your session if the computer hasn't been booked by someone else.

If you log off before the end of your session , the rest of your booking for that slot will be cancelled.

If you need more time, and your computer is booked, you can use any PC that does not have a current booking.

Can I use a PC if I haven't booked? 

Most campus cluster PCs, except those located on the ground floor and first floor of the Main Library, are only available on a first come first served walk-up basis.

You can use any PC in the Main Library clusters without booking it, provided the computer hasn't been booked by someone else or if they are more than ten minutes late (in which case the booking is lost). 

Please note: If you have not booked a PC in adavance and logon to a PC on the ground floor or first floor of the Main Library that is unreserved then you will automatically be given a 2 hours slot (120 minutes). No other students will be able to book that machine durng this time. If that PC still remains unbooked after that 2 hours then you can extend your session.    

What happens when I arrive for my booking?

When you arrive at the PC for your booked slot you will see a message on the login screen saying it is reserved for you and for how long. Login to MyPC

If you have not logged in within 10 minutes, your booking will be lost and other students can use the PC

Towards the end of your booking you will receive reminders that your session is about to end.

Please remember to save your work regularly. Unsaved work will be lost when the computer logs off at the end of the session.

If no one has booked the PC after you, then you can extend your booking.

What happens if I leave the PC without logging out?

If you leave the PC inactive it will log off automatically after 15 minutes

How do I extend my session?

You can  view time remaining or extend your session by clicking the triangle icon in the system tray in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Then right-click the yellow MyPC icon.

What happens if I cannot attend my booking or if I am late?

Your booking is automatically cancelled if you do not log in to the PC you have booked within 10 minutes of the booking start time.

If you know in advance that you cannot attend a booked slot, please Login to MyPC to cancel your booking so the slot can be freed up for someone else.

What happens if another student has logged into my booked PC beforehand?

If another student attempts to use the PC that you have reserved prior to your booking time, they will see an on-screen message when they login that tells them how many minutes they can use the PC for before the next booking.

They will also receive regular warnings to logout in time for the next booking.

If they are still logged in at the start of your time slot, they will be automatically logged out.

If a student is sitting at a PC you have booked, tell them politely that you have reserved the PC. If they have left their belongings unattended you may move them to one side in order to use the PC. If you have difficulty asking the student to move, a member of Library Services staff will be happy to assist you.


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