Computer Clusters

The Cluster Support Team's primary role is the provision and support of high quality computing facilities in the form of IT Services Clusters.

The team has many other responsibilities including providing Charged Printing, Photocopying and Microfiche facilities across campus and the provision and support of Assistive Technology software across IT Services clusters and dedicated Assistive Technology Booths.

Cluster locations and opening hours

Find out the current locations and opening hours for clusters across campus.

Essential hints and tips

Essential hints & tips for using IT Services Clusters. Don't risk losing your work, read this section today.

PC booking

The 'MyPC' Booking System is now in place for the New Library. Bookable PCs are located in the main PC clusters on the Ground and First Floors of the New Main Library. Please click the above link to find out more and make a reservation. Further information can be found in our MyPC Frequently asked questions page.

Charged printing

Charged printing facilities are available across campus. This includes 'How to' information on adding credit to your account and printing from an IT Services cluster PC.

Desktop Scanners

There are desktop scanners available at various locations around campus, they can create high resolution images and also scan multiple pages through their document feeders.

Group Study PCs

There are group study computers at various locations around campus; they are equipped with large screens, or in some cases a projector depending on the location.

Assistive Technologies

Information on Assistive Technologies on IT Services Clusters as well as the dedicated Assistive Technology Booths. You can also find out how to register yourself as an assistive user.

Computer usage policy

Read the 'General Conditions of Use of Computing and Network Facilities' document. This policy must be followed when using IT Services Cluster PCs.

IT Services cluster provision

Information on IT Services cluster provision including current software and information on how to request a change to the IT Services cluster image.


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