Computer Clusters

IT Services provide a number of flexible computer clusters and learning suites at many locations across the University campus.

You can access the cluster PCs using your University username and password. If you have any difficulty accessing the PCs then please contact the IT Service Desk.

Cluster locations and opening hours

Find out the current locations and opening hours for clusters across campus.

Booking a PC

Bookable PCs are located in the main computer clusters on the ground and first floor of the Main Library

To reserve one of these PCs - visit the 'MyPC' Booking System

Further help and information can be found at our MyPC Frequently asked questions page.

Student printing

Printing facilities for students are widely available across campus. For information on how to add credit to your account and how to print from an IT Services cluster PC visit our Student Printing page.

Group Study PCs

There are group study computers at various locations around campus; they are equipped with large screens, or in some cases a projector depending on the location. Visit our Group Study PC page to find out more.

Essential hints and tips

Don't risk losing your work, read our essential hints & tips for advice on how to securely store and back up your work.

Assistive Technologies

For information about our assitive technologies and our dedicated assitive technology booths visit our Assistive Technologies page.

Computer usage policy

Read the 'General Conditions of Use of Computing and Network Facilities' document. This policy must be followed when using IT Services Cluster PCs.

IT Services cluster provision

Information on IT Services cluster provision including current software and information on how to request a change to the IT Services cluster image.




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