Software Services

Software Services provides information and support for purchasing non site licensed applications for which the University has already negotiated deals.

The list of these applications can be found on the Software A-Z section of this website.

All site licensed software can be obtained free of charge directly from mySoftware when you are connected to the university's network. Should you be based at an external location you may request access to the site via the IT Service Desk.

If you are looking to purchase software licenses, please note that there will be no orders processed until after New Core is live and functional.

To request software within College of Engineering and Physical Sciences please refer to the EPS Software Request page.

All Microsoft Select orders should have the line code IOASL-MSL, whereas all other orders should have the line code IOASL-OLM. Orders with an incorrect line code will be sent back to the person who raised it as the Software Services team is unable to amend line codes. In all cases please include the operating system that you'll be installing the software onto in the description on the order.



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Software readily available to purchase through Software Sales is listed in the Software A-Z section of this website.


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