Quick User Guide for External & Invited UoB Users

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This Quick User Guide is intended for those using BEAR DataShare (the University of Birmingham’s [UoB] sync & share service) as an external or invited user and only covers use of the web portal. Use of the Client is covered in our Getting Started Guide and full User Guide, which are available from our webpage. You can also see our list of Frequently Asked Questions on BEAR DataShare.

As an invited user, you will need to create a password the first time you login to https://beardatashare.bham.ac.uk. Either follow the link in the welcome email you receive or enter your email address under ‘Username/Email’, click on ‘Recover password’ and you should receive an email.

Web login v14


Password reset v14

Click on the link in the email to enter and set a password.

After a successful login, you should then see the folder(s) you have been invited to, the owner of each folder will be in brackets. You can see a list of the members of each folder and their permissions by clicking on the number of members eg. ‘4 Members’:

Folder view v14

If you have been granted read and write permission, then you will be able to create your own directories and upload files within the folder but you will not be able to create your own folder from the home page and add files to it, as only researchers at the UoB have a storage quota.

If you are a University of Birmingham researcher/research student, then logging in with your University of Birmingham username and password will automatically create a full account with storage quota of 25GB. If you are a member of staff who supports research, then you can apply for your own account through the IT Service Desk online.

To access the files, click on the folder name. If the file is Word, Excel or Powerpoint you will be able to view it online by clicking on the file name. To download the file to your device, click in the check box that appears when you hover over the file and then a menu will appear at the top with the option to download the file. If you have read/write access you will see additional options (see below).

Download file

To upload files, drag and drop from a Windows Explorer/Finder window into the browser window. You can also add additional files or folders in the Upload window that pops up by clicking on ‘Add file’ or ‘Add directory’. If you have only been given read access and the invitee did not tick the box to allow you to upload files, then you will not be able to add files to the folder.

If you have been granted Admin rights for the folder then you will be able to share it with others – see our full User Guide for more information.


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