Video Conferencing FAQ



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Booking the Video Conferencing Room


How to book the conference room/suite?


The first step is to log a “service-now” request through web address (URL):

Then select option ‘Make a request/Research Computing Service/Book the BEARView suite’ links in Service- Now; this permits you to reserve BEARView and agree support with the research support team. Please allow a minimum of 21 days for the booking to be fulfilled. You are required to provide the following details when submitting the request:

  • Date, start and end time of video conference.
  • Name, emails address and telephone details of the principal user.
  • Contact details of all participants: names and email addresses
  • The presenter (principal user) presentation talks (doc files) ought to be handed in to the Research support team 3 days before the scheduled meeting.

Video Conferencing Rates

Question:Is Videoconferencing in BearView free?


The video conference facility (IP network) in BEARView is free for staff, educators and researchers to use.

Video Conference Location (meeting venue)

Question:Where is the facility located?


The video conferencing system (BEAR View) is located in the European Research (ERI) building - G3 on the Edgbaston campus map, room 346/347. The suite is able to accommodate 12 seats.

Video Conference Basics

Question:How does video conference work?


There are two or more screens (monitors) and microphones involved, that let you talk to one or more people through video. The video conference system (computer) change the input message into a digital message (data packets) which carry information such as video, voice and images to the receiving end (the person you are talking with). The message is then sent through the network or (broadband internet connection) to the address it was intended for. The original input is then conveyed through the destination visual and audio system.

Video Conference Equipment

Question:What equipment and software are used for the video conference?


The Conference room is equipped with:

  • High end server, hosting the IOCOM video conference software to create a group-to-group meeting with participants from across the globe
  • Large Powerwall display screen
  • Several high specification PTZ (point, tilt, zoom) HD cameras 
  • Hardware echo cancelling enables the use of desktop and wireless microphones - no need for headsets
  • Visimeet software provided by IOCOM

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Question:What is Multipoint video conferencing?


Multipoint video conferencing allows connection between people in separate locations where users, can see and hear each other. The technology allows two are more locations to see and hear each other at the same time. It is possible to share a PC or a laptop showing a presentation, PowerPoint slides, internet pages, etc.

Benefits Of Video Conferencing

Question:Why use this service (Why video conferencing?)

  • It is an excellent way to collaborate with people around the world whilst reducing traveling costs and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Distance Learning
  • Sharing lectures with students at other universities
  • Giving and receiving lectures/presentations from remotely located sites from around the world
  • Conducting meetings between research groups and academics based at different universities
  • It improves productivity by saving time traveling and getting the meeting started. Whilst also giving full access to your locally available resources.
  • Allows better interactions than a phone call or email and the option to participate from your own desk.

SKYPE Video Conferencing

Question: Can I use SKYPE in BEARView


Yes, SKYPE is installed in BEARView for research purposes. You can make a call to someone using your SKYPE ID.

Video Conferencing help and Support

Question: Who do I contact if I have questions regarding video conferencing?


It is best to log a call request in

Conference Call Problems and How to Address Them

Question: How to resolve problems during live conference calls?


It is not possible to foresee technical issues before a scheduled video meeting; albeit technical issues can arise during a live call. Therefore it is advisable to plan a test well in advanced of the planned meeting to ensure the systems are compatible. The common hitches likely to occur in live conferences are list below:

  • I can hear my audio coming back during the video conference. Headsets are recommended at the remote end because echo feedback can be an issue with desktop and laptop systems
  • I cannot send my presentations. It is advisable that remote participants become familiar with desktop, file and application sharing using Visimeet video conference software well ahead of the planned meeting. 

In general echo and microphone feedback is mostly caused by the improper placement of hardware, or potentially the misconfiguration of either hardware or software settings.

If there is echo, static, feedback and/or noise in your meeting, there are several common causes to address. 

Mic & Speakers:

  •     Move the microphone away from the speaker
  •     Mute the microphone when not speaking
  •     Use a headset


  •     If an analog connection then try using a USB headset
  •     If using a USB headset try a different USB port on the computer

Last Modified: 10 March 2016