Who Can Use The Service?





Governance for the new services is broadly divided into two domains:

  • CaStLeS resources are governed by two committees of senior academics in Life Sciences, one with a strategic focus and the other with day to day decision making authority. Requests for resources from PIs are reviewed and approved by the latter group, based on the supporting academic case (click here for more info, including how to apply). Resources initially allocated through this process are intended as pump-priming to support the development of research and funding bids and get projects running quickly. Note that projects are expected to include the cost of these resources in future bids and to contribute to the costs of adding/expanding the service to allow other research groups and other projects to have the same opportunities.

CaStLeS requests follow the instructions on the CaStLeS page for information on how to apply.

  • Resources purchased with BEAR money are governed through the existing Research Computing Management Committee processes on the basis of the well-established ‘fair-sharing’ principles applied to all the current shared BEAR services. Resources are available to all University of Birmingham researchers though subject to capacity restrictions and availability, specific to the particular service in question. (Users requiring sustained and dedicated capacity are able to buy exclusive service.)

Both sets of services are delivered on a common and highly tuned infrastructure, built and operated by Advanced Research Computing, applying standard approaches across the two resource blocks. BEAR Cloud (including CaStLeS) is a flexible and dynamic service, responsive to the needs of research.


How to Apply

Whether your research is in an area of Life Sciences or another area, applications for either resource pool should be made using ‘Make a Request’ at http://www.itservicedesk.bham.ac.uk. Under the Advanced Research Computing section, select ‘BEAR/CaStLeS Projects’. This will step you through the input required to inform the approval and provisioning processes. For a guide on what to put in a CaStLeS request, see https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/it/teams/infrastructure/research/bear/bear-cloud/castLes.aspx. 

Advice/Further Information

If you are at an earlier stage in developing your ideas or want to discuss how BEAR Cloud (including CaStLeS) could support your computationally/data intensive research, log this through ‘Make a Request’ at http://www.itservicedesk.bham.ac.uk. Under the Advanced Research Computing section, select ‘Other BEAR Request’ to tell us a little about your project. This ensures that your request reaches the most appropriate person in the team and does not get lost. We deal with dozens of requests every week and want to make sure we respond to them all.


Last Modified: 28 August 2018