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The BEARView visualisation centre is located on the top floor of the European Research Institute (ERI) building in room 346/347. The ERI is building G3 on the Edgbaston campus. Unfortunately the room is not signed within the building - it is the last room on the right on the top floor at the end furthest away from Pritchatts Road.

If you like to find out more about the BEARView visualisation and conferencing facilities, arrange a Service Desk call and we will get back to you with a deeper understanding to help with your research.

Visualisation Concepts

Visualization is taking raw data and converting it to a form that is viewable and understanable by humans. Below are the types of data that has a well-defined representation in 2D or 3D space:

Scientific Visualisation:

This data is often obtained from a medical instrument or from a physical, chemical or biological process.

Data Visualisation:

This data is from business applications and is used in decision making.

Information Visualisation:

This data is often abstracted in nature, for instance, measuring hits on a site on the World Wide Web.

BEARView as a Visualisation Resource

Large-scale visualisation is an essential part of understanding the results from computational modelling, typically but not necessarily carried out on the BlueBEAR HPC service. The Powerwall in BEARView enables large-scale visualisation by:

  • the Powerwall display - the 4 metre by 2 metre flat screen offers a geometrically-accurate display
  • back-projection gives an uncluttered space in front of the screen for group work
  • active stereo gives a high-quality immersive experience with no effect on the colour accuracy of the display
  • head tracking gives an intuitive way of exploring the visualisation by literally looking around it
  • leading-edge visualisation server, including a top-of-range NVidia Quadro K5000 graphics card and 64 GB of memory to handle large models
  • integration with BlueBEAR filestore to give an integrated workflow between computation and interpretation.

IT Services for research can assist with data visualisation in the BEARView suite. Visualisation supports researchers from very different disciplines to better understand their data (big data) by viewing the data as an image or a graph.

Last modified: 25 May 2017


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