Introduction to BEARView

BEARView was established as a University facility for specialist visualisation centred around a 4 metre by 2 metre flat back-projected Mechdyne Powerwall. It has since developed as both a visualisation resource and as a conferencing/collaboration centre, where the large screen alongside specialist audio and camera configuration provides a natural and intuitive setting for multi-site conferencing and collaboration. Remote sites only need a standard internet connection and a freely-available client to join in with events being hosted in BEARView. BEARview is available for limitedservice as a seminar resource. It is housed in room 346 of the European Research Institute.

This centre is a partnership between the University, Mechdyne as visualisation specialists, NVIDIA, IOCOM as the conferencing partner, Nice as the collaborative visualisation partner, IBM as the tier-1 partner and OCF as integrator and primary supplier for the overall BEAR services. It is freely available to members of the University. Please open a call with the IT Service Desk to find out more about this centre and to discuss your project with one of IT Services' specialists.

Last modified: 22 November 2017