2020/1 OS Upgrade

The operating system (OS) used on BlueBEAR has been upgraded, to RedHat 8, in April 2021. Information on the software that is available, or not available, post install is detailed on the BEAR Application Versions page.

Exceptions on Software Installs

The above linked page gives information on the software that has automatically been installed on the new operating systems. We have installed over 6000 applications on the new operating systems. However, there are a small number of applications where it was not possible to reinstall the software on the new operating systems.

Software install exceptions for BlueBEAR
ABAQUS (all version) Please use ABAQUS/2021 instead.
ANSYS (including Fluent) Please use ANSYS/2021R1 instead.
ANSYSEM (all versions) Please see the information on continuing CentOS 7 access below.
Longshot/0.3.4-GCCcore-8.2.0 Please use Longshot/0.4.1-GCCcore-8.3.0 instead.
NEdit/5.7 There are other text editors available.
OpenMPI We have upgraded the OpenMPI versions we use. If you directly load an MPI version then you will need to alter the version you use. All applications that require MPI will automatically load a new version.
Intel MPI We no longer support Intel MPI on BlueBEAR. Please use OpenMPI instead.
Intel toolchain As we no longer support Intel MPI we have switched to using the iomkl toolchain, which replaces the Intel MPI with OpenMPI. Any previous module with intel in the name or version will now have iomkl instead.

LAMMPS/stable_7Aug2019-foss-2019a  and LAMMPS/stable_7Aug2019-fosscuda-2019a

These have been replaced by LAMMPS/stable_7Aug2019-foss-2019a-Python-3.7.2 and LAMMPS/stable_7Aug2019-fosscuda-2019a-Python-3.7.2 respectively.

Self Built Software

If you build your own software on BlueBEAR you will likely find that this needs rebuilding post the upgrade. If you require assistance then please contact us.

CentOS 7 Access

We have created singenbatch to allow continuing access to the old software installs. This is provided to support applications where we do not currently have an installed version that is compatible with RedHat 8. The current applications that require this are:


Support for the use of singenbatch is only given for those applications where there is no alternative available on RedHat 8. Also, support for the use of singenbatch will only be available in 2021.


If you have any problems or need support then please contact us for information on requesting this.


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