BlueBEAR 2018

BlueBEAR Technical Specification

2017-18 saw significant innovation and additions to BlueBEAR, including the launch of the new Lenovo NeXtScale water-cooled compute nodes. At the same time we have started the process of decommissioning old BlueBEAR 2 (SandyBridge) nodes which are reaching the end of their economic and practical life.

Coming soon! –
IBM Power9 node with PowerAI Machine Learning platform, 1TB RAM and 4 NVIDIA V100 GPUs

The shared compute resources accessible to all researchers in the University are currently:

Water-cooled Broadwell class nodes
    Nodes   GB RAM   Cores  GPU
   24  128  24  n/a
   102  128  20  n/a
   6  256  20  n/a
   4  512  20  n/a
   2  128  20  NVIDIA P100
 TOTAL  138  19,968  2,856  2
All have 100Gb/sec EDR Infiniband

In addition to these shared resources, several research groups have invested in BEAR, paying for dedicated compute resources.

The new academic year will see further developments as we add new sets of nodes, in line with our technology roadmap and investment programme; always counter-balanced by the need to withdraw the older technology. 

Sandybridge nodes, to be retired in 2019


 Nodes GB RAM  Cores GPU
   72  32  16  n/a
   5 256  16  n/a
   2  32  16  NVIDIA K20
   1  32  16  NVIDIA Q5000
 TOTAL  80  3680  1280  3

All with 40Gb/sec FDR10 Infiniband with a blocking ratio of ~3:1


Last modified: 28th August 2018