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The support levels for services running on the BlueBEAR Service are grouped into three categories:

Primary Services

These are the main services running on the BlueBEAR HPC Service. In the case of application software a primary service is one where the package has been mounted and thoroughly tested, and where we expect to be able to offer advice to assist with the majority of enquiries.

Primary services are further divided into two sub-categories - P1 and P2. A P1 service is one where a member of IT Services staff has a GOOD knowledge of the subject area and can offer in-depth support in the use of the software. Examples of P1 services would include some of the Fluid Dynamics applications (but not necessarily ALL of them) and the NAG numerical library (but not necessarily ALL numerical methods).

P2 services receive a similar degree of support but there is no one on IT Services staff with a GOOD knowledge of the subject area. We can advise on the operation of the package therefore, but not necessarily on the underlying methods on which the application is developed, and may be able to refer queries to other specialist staff on campus. An example of a P2 service is the finite element analysis software ABAQUS.  


Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services (An) are useful utilities and software packages which we are able to make available because we believe they may be of use, but which may not have been thoroughly tested and our ability to respond to questions may be limited. Many pieces of public domain software are provided as ancillary services.  


Minimal Services

Minimal Services cover items of application software which are of interest to only a small fraction of users, and which may eventually be removed. Minimal services are tested to ensure that the package runs but we are unable to offer assistance beyond this; no advice on operation is available. Minimal services cover packages which are essentially 'obsolete' and which are likely to be withdrawn in the longer term (Minimal Service M1). Some packages may be withdrawn in the short term (Minimal Service M2).


Last modified: 11 August 2017


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