Projects & Case Studies

Physics and Astronomy
Cross-correlation Nanoparticle Tracking for 2D Spatial Drift Correction in Post-acquisition Analysis

» Researcher: Dongsheng He

Simulation of High-radiation environment in the high-energy particle experiment NA62 at CERN

» Researcher: Dr Cristina Lazzeroni

Test of Lepton Flavour Universality at the CERN high-energy particle experiment NA62

» Researcher: Dr Evgueni Goudzovski

stevens-original-100-120Magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) modelling of supersonic stellar winds using the PLUTO code

» Researcher: Dr Ian Stevens

sdaley-interactive-fieldInteracting fields and flows: Magnetic hot Jupiters

» Simon Daley-Yates

Jo-Smart-physics-uploadUK National Quantum Technoogy Hub (Sensors and Metrology)

» Jo Smart

Last modified:  17 January 2019