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The University of Birmingham offers a wealth of world-leading research opportunities to choose from, where you will work with world-leading academics and be part of a thriving postgraduate community. On this page, some of our postgraduate students talk about their own experience at the University and their areas of research.

Syeda Anam Hashmi, Department of Civil Engineering

syeda-bio-picMy experience at the University of Birmingham has been extremely interesting and provided me with an incredible opportunity to enhance my career. I always knew I wanted to pursue an education at the University of Birmingham because its reputation amongst the best engineering schools precedes itself. My academic life has allowed me the opportunity to attend various academic conferences and provided inspiration to publish academic papers related to my PhD project. In addition, I enjoy teaching and assisting the students of Mechanical and Civil Engineering at the University. Along with attending and participating in several national and international research conferences, I got the chance to recently chair the 9th BEAR PGR Conference , which was an exciting, engaging and a successful event.

syeda-research-image-v1m1My research involves making use of several Computational Fluid Dynamics related software for creating complex geometries, large computational domain and meshes and running various feasible simulations. These software packages include OpenFOAM, ANSYS, HEXPRESS and Matlab. However, this would not be possible without the University’s BlueBEAR High Performance Computing (HPC) service, which helps me perform my numerical simulations with more speed and accuracy than standard computers.  My PhD research has focused on the performance of high-speed trains under crosswinds, to find out more see  here.

Grigorios Papatzikas, Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences

Greg-bio-photoBeing an international student at the University of Birmingham has completely shaped my view about academia. The amazing campus, with facilities such as the new Sports Centre or the new Library, provide excellent opportunities to escape from the daily and stressful PhD routine. The University staff at the Centre for Computational Biology (CCB), where I am currently based, are always very helpful and supportive to me both with scientific or administrative tasks. I really consider myself lucky for having the experience to live and study in a world-leading university, such as the University of Birmingham.

Greg-case-image-v1m1Working with Prof. Jean-Baptiste Cazier has had a huge impact on my progress as a scientist. Not only do I have excellent supervision, but at the same time I have the freedom to pursue my own scientific interests. My supervisor is more like a mentor to me, who not only cares that I acquire scientific knowledge, but he emphasises that I should develop all the essential skills that will ensure me a future career in science. My PhD research has focused on investigating metabolism and its link with cancer, to find out more, see here

Pasakorn Sengsri, Department of Civil Engineering

Pasakorn-case-photoThe University of Birmingham is a good University in the UK to study any subject, moreover there are good research facilities in our library. There are also a lot of research conferences at the University for PhD students, where we can exhibit our studies. I’ve been interested in structural engineering because many structures have been built for the benefit of people in the world such as Universities, shops, factories and other structures. My supervisor always supports me when I have any ideas about my projects. He is a good supervisor in this University and gives me good recommendations when I am in trouble about my study.

Pasakorn-case-image-v1m2My PhD research has focused on the development of a novel low-cost bearing to prevent damage to buildings from earthquakes, with the Finite Element Method being used to model the effectiveness of the novel bearings. To find out more, see here.

Said Kaawach, Department of Economics

Said-bio-photoThe University of Birmingham allowed me to develop the necessary transferable skills I need to pursue a career in research and academia. I've had the opportunity to attend research seminars that are relevant to my field on a regular basis. Additionally, I’ve been awarded appropriate funding from the University in order to attend and present at conferences in the UK.

Oleksandr Talavera is a Professor in Financial Economics and one of the leading economists in the UK that has had a great influence on my life. He has supported me in my research throughout, helping me gain numerous research skills. He always pushes me to my full potential in order to ensure that I fulfilled my dreams.


said-image-v1m2My PhD research has investigated the decision-making behaviour of the lender in the online market for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, to find out more see here.




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