Research Data Storage Policy


This set of documentation outlines operational policy for the centrally provided research data storage infrastructure, operated by IT Services.

This storage infrastructure underpins the BEAR storage and data services:

  • The Research Data Archive (RDA)
  • The Research Data Store (RDS)

The Research Data Storage Policy: the high level view of the storage infrastructure

The Research Data Archive Management Policy: detailing the data archive infrastructure for published research which addresses the Open Access storage requirements of the Research Councils

The Research Data Store Management Policy: detailing the centralised store for research ‘work-in-progress’ established to meet the growing demands of research for data storage, and to keep these data secure from both physical damage and cyber attack.

Research Bids Guidance: outlining charging policies for data storage and suggested wording for inclusion in grant applications.

University Research Data Management Policy : The policy lays out requirements and responsibilities for the University and for researchers as currently understood. 


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