Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Support & Docs

The High Performance Computing (HPC) service provides a computing facility in support of research activity within the University. It is part of the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Service within IT Services.The cluster is run with Linux, so you will need some familiarity with Linux shell commands.
Your work has to be submitted to a queue, where it will wait to be executed as soon as the computing resources are available.

In addition, we  support researchers in the use of Cloud services, databases, Artificial Intelligence, GP-GPU Computing and numerous other services.
We also provide a range of consultancy and training services including:



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How to login to BlueBEAR How to login to VM
(BEAR Cloud & BEAR Castles)
 How to use Putty & Exceeds  How to activate Linux account
 pdf-88-100  pdf-88-100  pdf-88-100  pdf-88-100  Remote Access Service
 Subscribing and unsubscribing to BEAR mailing lists  Using BEAR-admin to manage projects How  to map RDS on a Mac How to Share a file in DataShare  How to Access BEAR Service off Campus


Professional Services