Windows Compute



In an addition to the traditional Linux High Performance Cluster (BlueBEAR), the Research Computing Team run a Windows HPC cluster. Its principal function is to allow seamless and simple job submission to powerful computational capacity from a limited set of "HPC aware", end-user applications such as Ansys CFX and Matlab. By taking the workload away from users' Windows desktops, the desktop and user is freed for other tasks while the processing is completed by the cluster. Other applications and binaries may be suitable candidates to benefit from the power of Windows HPC. Please contact the Team via the Service Desk to discuss requirements.Note that, like the BlueBear Cluster, the Windows HPC Cluster is based on "batch processing" rather than interactive work and that the storage capacity is currently limited.Users interested in registering and using the cluster should submit a Service Desk call, describing their planned work and the associated applications and utilities.Planning is underway for developing Windows HPC during 2016 to allow more researchers to take advantage of this facility for their heavy processing.

Last modified: 3 December 2015