Mat Butcher


Communications Officer

IT Services

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Introductory Statement

  • My role is to monitor, update and coordinate the IT Communications Strategy.
  • I support the conisistency of messages, select the method and timings of communications and the coordination with other programme communications.
  • I work with parties involved (e.g. senior stakeholders, project office, external relations etc.).
  • I also act as the author of communications and seek input from the content providers where appropriate and act as the sender of communications when required.
  • I monitor the status of communications, taking action as required to ensure that messages are effective.


I have a background in Business Change, having worked at Legal and General for 10 years as a software tester, programme office manager and a project manager. I left L&G in 2009 to undertake a degree in English with Theology and Philosophy, which I completed with first class honours before completing an MA in Film and Literature at the University of Birmingham. Since leaving University I have worked as a magazine editor for a marketing company and as an office manager and marketer for an engineering firm. I have worked at the University for the last 3 years, initially managing a team of programme adminstrators in the Business School before moving to the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues where I worked as their communications and web officer. I have been working in IT Services since December 2017.


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