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 Office Lens Is a handy new app which allows you to take pictures of whiteboards, or printed documents, then enhances your photo by cropping, sharpening and straightening it, so it looks almost like a scanned image. Basically it turns that turns your smartphone into a pocket scanner You can use this app to take pictures of flow charts, whiteboards, meeting notes, sticky notes. It then crops, enhances and saves automatically to OneNote, or you can chose an alternate secure cloud or device location. All of the images you capture from Office Lens are accessible on all of your devices.

More information on Office Lens can be found in the IT Training Blog post: Office Lens Uob Login may be required

Take control of your note taking:
Take control of your note taking:Microsoft OneNote offers Staff and some students the ability to capture thoughts, ideas, meeting minutes and to-do notes in one application that travels with you on your computer.You can even share notebooks between colleagues and fellow students for viewing and editing.

More information on OneNote can be found in Knowledge Base article KB12382.

Protect your Data:
You should ideally protect and/or back up any data that you need access to and don't want to risk losing.

Store IT > Secure IT > Protect IT > Back IT up

More information on IT Services tips for protecting data can be found in Knowledge Base article KB12381.

Manage your own passwords:
Unlock your own account and never have to wait for your password to be reset again. Click the link in your left hand menu in Servicenow entitled Change Password Or visit and register with this service by completing your questions and answers profile.


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