The LES Rep Academy

Student repsThe LES Rep Academy provides undergraduate student reps with unique training and developmental opportunities designed to enhance their skills both within their rep role and beyond. In addition to access to LES Rep Academy training and events, reps are provided with unique access to further opportunities that arise throughout the year.  

The LES Rep Academy has been set up with the following aims:

  • To provide reps with more regular contact outside of Staff Student Committee (SSC) meetings, helping to maintain engagement with their role throughout the year
  • To provide opportunities for reps to network both with reps on their own SSCs and the wider rep network across the College, along with College-wide staff involved in the rep system
  • To help build a stronger sense of community amongst reps in the College
  • To help build relationships between reps and the LES Student Engagement Projects Officers (SEPOs) and raise awareness of the support available to them through the Student Engagement Project Officers (SEPOs)
  • To enhance opportunities to discuss common issues across the College
  • To help demonstrate the College’s commitment to the Student Representation System and to support reps as fully as possible
  • To provide reps with recognition of their commitment and the impact that they have had in their roles

LES Rep Academy Awards

At the LES Rep Academy Awards, student reps and staff come together to recognise and celebrate students' achievements in their rep roles over the academic year. Special awards are presented for outstanding achievements, with nominations collected from students, reps and staff. Refreshments are provided and there is opportunity for reps to socialise and network amongst themselves and with staff while celebrating their successes.

Find out more about the LES Rep Academy Awards

Initial school-specific student rep training

This training provides reps with an opportunity to establish relationships with other reps within their school and with the SEPOs. Reps are introduced to the concepts of the Student Rep role, what the role involves and ways in which it can be carried out successfully. Reps are also given detailed information about the support network available to them within the School, College and the wider University.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences Representation Conference

The College of Life and Environmental Sciences Representation Conference provides reps with a view of the approach the College (and the schools within it) are taking to the student rep system. The Conference includes a discussion around the rep system with opportunities for them to provide feedback on what they feel works well, where there are areas for further development and any student issues that would benefit from further discussion or action. It concludes with refreshments and a networking opportunity to meet and build relationships with fellow reps and staff, not only from their own SSC but from across the whole College.

For more information please contact one of the LES Student Engagement Projects Officers: Hazel Burton ( or Tom Mandall (