Birmingham Fellows

In academic year 2017-18 we welcomed 12 new Birmingham Fellows from a variety of research backgrounds. They are undertaking research that will impact the lives of people around the globe! Find out more about their research

The sector-leading Birmingham Fellowship programme offers five years of protected time for high-quality research, allowing outstanding, high potential, early-career researchers of all ages to establish themselves as rounded academics who will go on to excel in their academic discipline across research, teaching and wider citizenship.

Below are some of the objectives that IMSR's Birmingham Fellows are hoping to achieve whilst on the programme:

Dr Ildem Akerman: "I am hoping to establish and expand my research group taking full advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities available at the University. I am also looking forward to be involved in innovative projects with clinical scientists based in my institute to generate scientific discoveries that have bigger impact in healthcare."

Dr Kendle Maslowski: "To establish myself as a world leader in gut-microbe interactions, and hopefully implement treatments for cancer based on this."

Dr Sarah Dimeloe: "To extend my recent research on the metabolism of T cells, using the excellent facilities and expertise here, to gain deeper insight into molecular pathways regulating these processes in human disease and identify novel therapeutic targets."