Welcome to Strategic Framework 2015-2020

The Strategic Framework is the governing document that defines the University's direction and ambition for itself.

The Strategic Framework for 2010-15, Shaping Our Future, launched a period of intensive transformation, ambition, innovation, and success at the University of Birmingham. It has culminated in the University’s being named The Times/Sunday Times University of the Year 2013-2014. Shaping Our Future has worked because it has provided us clear direction and enabled us to mix planned activity with “intelligent opportunism”. 

On the back of this success, it is now time to refresh the Strategic Framework for the next five years. The new Strategic Framework will continue the direction of travel set by Shaping Our Future and will enable us to face new challenges in an increasingly competitive environment. It will, as before, serve as a "compass, not a roadmap" to guide University decision-making. 

The refresh of the Strategic Framework will engage with stakeholders at all levels, including staff, students, and alumni. The refresh process will listen and capture ideas, perceptions, emotions and hopes for the future. Its success relies on the engagement of as many people as possible, via focus groups, email, fora, social media, and this website. 

Get involved

We would like to invite you to share your comments, opinions, suggestions regarding the refresh of the Strategic Framework by submitting your thoughts to strategicframework@contacts.bham.ac.uk

You can also volunteer to take part in our focus groups (2-hour, facilitated meetings taking place throughout November) by registering your interest to strategicframework@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Brief outline of the process

October 2014

Launch of Strategic Framework Process to the University community

12 November 2014

Consideration of Strategic Framework by Senate

Autumn 2014

Engagement via various means, including focus groups, open meeting(s), Twitter

18 December 2014

Research Excellence Framework (REF) results released

Spring 2015

Further engagement, with a focus on REF results

22 April 2015

Outline/draft available for consideration

1 July 2015

Final draft ready with Key Performance Targets