Post Award

The Research Projects (Post-Award) team are based within the College of Social Sciences Hub and report into the School Operations Manager with College responsibility for research. We work very closely with the College Research Support Office (CRSO) and other relevant teams and individuals.

 Who We Are

David Duell – Research Projects Facilitator – (x43068)


Supporting the School of Education & Birmingham Business School 

Marisol Daley – Research Projects Administrator  - (x58488)

Based in University House, Birmingham Business School every Thursday. 


Supporting the School of Social Policy and the School of Government

Anthea Kunz – Research Projects Administrator – (x45004)

Based in Park House, Room 50 every Thursday 


We are based in Muirhead Tower, room 243 and we will also be available around the College, either through drop-in sessions or through your School’s Research Projects Administrator hot-desking in your School. If you wish to contact the team as a whole, or the person you wish to contact is not available, please use

What we do 

Our remit (PDF)

We support GBP-funded research within the College in the following ways:

Providing a snap-shot of the Live Projects Life-Cycle and some other things to consider

If you don’t know who to contact, contact us

 Although it would not be appropriate to duplicate the functions of other teams, we act as a point of expertise within the College, providing information and direction when staff need to know how to do something. As a team, we should know who to speak to in order to access support or a particular resource, and we will make introductions and facilitate contact wherever possible. We are working on producing a detailed life cycle document to demonstrate what processes and services you may encounter during the life of a research project, and who to contact in relation to different issues.

Helping staff to get the most out of Pure and Researchfish

Providing guidance to academic and professional staff in using Pure and Researchfish, through regular drop-in sessions, bespoke events and documents but also by 1-2-1 sessions.

We will also work with colleagues in Planning and Library Services to produce College-specific guidance where appropriate, on topics such as Gold Open Access and adding Activities into Pure.

Milestone tracking

Reminding PIs in good time when they need to report to funders on progress, using Worktribe functionality to set reminders. We are building up a knowledge base of successful progress reports for different funders, accessible on request. We offer milestone tracking for all grants awarded in October 2018 or later, and any other PI who is interested in receiving this type of support may contact us to request this.

Harmonising School-based research support throughout the College

By identifying the full pool of professional staff supporting research, either academic-facing staff who provide ad-hoc support, or Centre-based staff of all levels, we will foster a sense of community, ensure that everyone has access to training, events and resources, and champion the sharing of good practice across all professional staff supporting research.

In-award recruitment

We work with HR to ensure that template JDs and recruitment information are available in the best format, for academics to use to put adverts and cases together. We have a solid understanding of the recruitment process and good relationships with College HR, Research Finance, and a line of communication into CPAG, in order to know where any given post is in the process, and to resolve any delays at any point.

Recruitment for the School of Education, School of Government, and Birmingham Business School is managed internally, and we do not directly support recruitment on funded research projects in these Schools.

Budget monitoring

Monitoring budgets on a monthly basis with a view to developing College oversight of underspend and overspend and flagging instances both to PIs and to Research Finance within six months of the end of the life of the award.

The team do not have access to the Research Accounting System and cannot amend account details or provide costings, although can provide account information from the BOXI system and will provide this upon request. As such, Research Finance should be contacted for any of the following:

  • Queries about recharges for staff time

  • Up-to-date information for financial reporting to funders

Other Activities

-          Publicising the College Health & Safety Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan and ensuring that the relevant documentation is accessible to all staff conducting research where a risk assessment is required.

-          In addition, we offer support liaising with Contracts where appropriate in submitting CPD bids against tender, or when CPD awards have been won.

-          We also provide support to the REF process, working closely with the College Research Planning Partner and Director of Research.

-          We work collaboratively with relevant colleagues across the University in order to ensure that good practice and ideas can be shared across Colleges and services, and to develop an effective network which will improve our ability to signpost and to provide support.

-          We are working with key academics to develop a suite of relevant academic-led PI training sessions, complementing the existing CRSO training and information provision.

-          And of course, there will always be unpredictable and different queries which arise over the life of a research project. Wherever possible, we will help our colleagues find an answer to a query, a solution to a problem, or the right team to contact.


Upcoming Events

Coming Soon ...

Drop-in Sessions

Our next drop-in sessions will take place as below and these provide a good opportunity to raise any Pure or Researchfish queries you may have, as well as general issues with live research projects:


Drop-In Session in collaboration with the CoSS Impact Development Team

Wednesday 29th January 2020, 14:00 - 15:00, Park House, Ground Floor, IT Room


Researchfish Focus Drop-In Session

Tuesday 11th February 2020, 14:00 - 15:30, Murihead Tower, Room 122 


Researchfish Focus Drop-In Session 

Thursday 27th February 2020, 10:00 - 11:00, School of Education Building, Room 225 


Researchfish Focus Drop-In Session 

Wednesday 11th March 2020, 14:00 - 15:30, University House, Room G07



Useful Resources  

Authorship Guidelines (PDF)

Gold Open Access Document (PDF)


Recording your Activities in Pure (PDF)

Recording your Impacts in Pure (PDF)

REF 2021 Guidance Documents


Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan

Structure Chart (PDF)

Templates & Forms (Coming soon)

 Things you may have missed

 - The University of Birmingham Research Portal ( – this pulls data from Pure and is accessible on the internet to the general public. This provides great opportunities for collaboration, and is the route through which publications are made open access via Pure.

- The HR Recruitment Manager Toolkit ( which includes a wealth of information on the recruitment process from grading a post through to making an offer.

- The recently-published guidance on obtaining Gold Open Access, which can be found at  

- The College of Social Sciences Authorship guidelines, originally published in January 2019, which can be found at



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