Web Services

College of Social Sciences Web Team

All schools within the college have a dedicated Web Coordinator that works closely with their respective Marketing Officer.

This team of professional staff can offer advice and expertise on most web related matters, including;

  • Madeleine McGarrie (College of Social Sciences)
  • Paul Carpenter (Birmingham Business School)
  • Nathan Johnson (Government and Society)
  • Pam Newby (Social Policy) 
  • Julie Foster (Education)

We will try to answer all queries and issues (technical or non-technical) in-house, but, if we are unable to resolve any problems we will escalate issues to the central web services team or the University web content manager.

By utilising key specialisms within the team we can support your school in terms of its online content for recruitment purposes and whether that is for Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students or Doctoral Research students. In addition to updating the Undergraduate and Postgraduate coursefinder in line with the printed prospectus we are responsible for the delivery of the overall strategy of the universities web communications whether that be student recruitment or demonstrating research impact and reach.

By developing and writing content in line with University guidelines we can help you to engage with your target audiences.

We can also offer support in:

  • Creation of blogs
  • Set up social media profiles
  • Give you insight into how many visitors are viewing your online content
  • Supply details of how visitors are accessing your site

Our main focus is on:

  • The development of new websites within the context of the Universities guidelines 
  • The maintenance and updating of existing websites 
  • The provision of support, advice and communication to web editors and stakeholders in schools and departments 
  • Integration of the web into the University’s marketing communications activities both internally and externally 
  • Creation of interactive features and multimedia (video, podcasts etc) 
  • Search engine optimisation

If you'd like to know more or have a question or project you'd like to chat about let us know.

Contact the team

College of Social Sciences

Madeleine McGarrie
Digital Marketing and Communications Manager
Tel: 0121 415 8171 (ext. 58171)
Email: m.mcgarrie@bham.ac.uk

Business School

Paul Carpenter
Website Coordinator - Birmingham Business School
Tel: 0121 414 7428 (ext. 47428)
Email: p.l.carpenter@bham.ac.uk

School of Education

Julie Foster
Website Coordinator - School of Education
Tel: 0121 414 4402 (ext. 44402) 
Email: fosterj@bham.ac.uk

School of Government and Society

Nathan Johnson
Web Project Development Officer, College of Social Sciences - School of Government and Society
Tel: 0121 414 8683 (ext. 48683)
Email: n.johnson@bham.ac.uk

School of Social Policy

Pam Newby
Website Coordinator - School of Social Policy
Tel: 0121 414 5724 (ext. 45724) 
Email: j.newby@bham.ac.uk





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