College International Committee

The purpose of this committee is to develop an international profile for the College, coordinating international activity and ensuring a coherent approach to all matters international.

Committee members

Chair Professor David Dunn
College Director of Internationalisation                  
Secretary Lorraine Gaytten 
Director of Operations               

Dr Erica Arthur (EA)                                 International Development Manager

Professor Derek Condon (DC)                 Internationalisation Lead, Birmingham Business School

Professor David Dickenson (DD)             College Lead for China

Professor Barbara Fawcett (BF)                Internationalisation Lead, School of Social Policy

Dr Dina Kiwan (DK)                                     Internationalisation Lead, School of Education

Dr Asaf Siniver (AS)                                     Internationalisation Lead, School of Government and Society

Mr Elijah James (EJ)                                    Head of International Recruitment

Dr Toby Kendall (TK)                                   Birmingham International Academy and Middle East/Dubai 

Ms Lindsey Wright (LW)                            College Planning Partner

Professor Catherine Mangan (CM)          Director of Education

Samantha Schofield (SS)                           College Head of Marketing and Communications

Sarah Bowron (SB)                                      College Alumni Relations Partner             

Dr Kelly Hall (KH)                                         College Lead for America (Chicago)         

Vacant                                                           College Lead for Brazil

Vacant                                                            College Lead for India

If you have any enquiries regarding the College International Committee, please contact:

Gina Stubbs, Committee Secretary
T: +44 (0)121 414 7064



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