College Operational Management Committee

The purpose of the Operational Management Committee (OMC) is:

  • To advise and support the Director of Operations in the operational management of the College, under the direction of the College Board
  • To facilitate effective co-ordination and communication between all activities that are delivered from the College Hub so that the operational effectiveness of the College is maximised, including interactions with other Colleges
  • To make recommendations to the College Board that assist the College to meet its strategic objectives in supporting academic staff to maximise the time available for research, learning and knowledge transfer activities

 Membership of the Committee comprises:

  • Director of Operations (Chair)
  • Deputy Director of Operations (Education)
  • Director of Business School Operations
  • Heads of Operations of Social Policy, Government, BBS and Education.
  • College HR Representative
  • College Finance Partner
  • College Planning Partner
  • College Business Engagement Partner
  • College Head of Facilities
  • College Careers Consultant
  • College IT Strategic Partner
  • College Marketing & Communications Manager
  • College Alumni Relations Manager
  • College Research Support Partner
  • College Research Planning Partner
  • Bham Digital Education Partnership and Development Manager

For more information on the work of the Operational Management Committee contact the committee secretary:

Frances Collins, ext 49864


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