Birmingham Professional Event Recap: Career Progression

Paul Compton from POD started this session, talking to a full room of Professional Services staff from both CoSS and CAL who had come together for the first joint Birmingham Professional session for both Colleges. This very popular, fully booked session began offering practical advice to those present on presenting with impact.  Paul gave some top tips on conducting presentations including talking about the tools that we already have at our disposal, such as how to most effectively use your voice.

This was followed by a talk from Sarah Egan, Operations Manager in CAL, about her own career journey.  Sarah gave excellent practical advice about a range of topics including how to overcome anxieties in relation to career progression and personal confidence and some useful tips on how to seek new opportunities within the University.

Finally, Emily Barrett spoke about the benefits of secondments and talked about her own career journey, which had benefitted from secondment opportunity.  She gave some practical advice about how to approach your line manager about career development opportunities like secondments opportunities. 

You can download copies of the presentations delivered at this event here:

Quotes from participants

“It was really nice to hear about someone’s journey, and how satisfied they are”

“All of the session was useful”

“As a result of today’s event I will keep a look out for volunteering opportunities”

Quotes from presenters

“It was a pleasure to be asked to deliver another session for the Birmingham Professional programme of events and it’s great to see two colleges coming together for this session; I hope this relationship building continues and can be reflected across the wider University. The session was incredibly well attended which is always great to see and the audience were fully engaged with the session, contributing with some great comments and participation levels. I think the subject matter in question is an incredibly important one, not just for more formal presentations, also for presenting ourselves professionally and confidently in any situation, both at work and in our personal lives too; linking perfectly to our strategic framework, specifically developing, supporting and recruiting talented staff.” 
Paul Compton, POD

“I really enjoyed presenting to CAL and CoSS as part of the Birmingham Professional programme.  The turnout was fantastic and it is great to see CoSS and CAL working together to provide staff with an interesting and engaging series of events.  I was pleased to be asked to share my career journey with the group.  It was important to me that it was accessible and helpful and that staff could identify with some of the experiences and tips I talked about.  I hope that the talk was ‘real’ and provided an insight into how careers can be developed at the University, and provided helpful hints about approaching opportunities.  I received some lovely emails from staff in the audience after the event and was delighted to hear that the content was useful and perhaps motivating.” 
Sarah Egan, Ops Manager, College of Arts and Law  

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