Birmingham Professional Event Recap: Planning Major Projects

Zena Wooldridge, University Director of Sport, led this session about planning major projects. She talked about the importance of having a bold vision and a strong strategy. Using the example of the new Sports Centre, Zena spoke about obstacles that can be encountered when planning a large project and how she resolved some of those. She talked about how patience and resilience are key to major projects as well as the need to be flexible.

Zena gave great advice on futureproofing projects and sticking to principles. The event was our second successful partnership event with the CAL Birmingham Professional Team.  

You can view the presentations in full as well as download the slides accompanying the talk below:

Quotes from participants

“Zena was a very good speaker”

“It was interesting to get an insight into the challenges of a major project”

“Tips on large capital projects were interesting.”

“As a result of today’s event I will be more visionary and strategic in planning.”

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