Birmingham Professional Event Recap: Shaping our Future – What part will you play?

Event date: Monday 20 November 2017, 12:00 - 14:00

This Birmingham Professional workshop introduced by Lorraine Gaytten, Director of Operations for College of Social Science provided colleagues with an overview of the new areas of focus currently being led by the College’s operations leads, based on the following themes:

Education - David Allsop

Research - Angela Storer

Resources - Julie McLynn

Facilities – Donna Willmetts

Internationalisation - Keith Portman

Influence and EngagementDave Lewis

The session incorporated interactive approaches such as a quiz where participants could guess the answers to fun questions based on the University of Birmingham’s history, buildings and staff members, allowing staff to not only reflect on their prior knowledge of the University of Birmingham but also learn more about the campus and the staff who add to its value.

During the workshop participants were organised into groups and given the opportunity to spend time with each of the six thematic leads who began by giving an overview of their thematic areas, before opening up the conversation more widely to allow staff to give honest feedback, generate new ideas and ask questions in an informal, relaxed and inclusive environment.

Shaping the future

Attendee feedback evidenced that this workshop provided an invaluable opportunity to find out more about the wider life of the university, as well as understand more about the strategic themes. Additionally, those present reported that they enjoyed the networking aspect of this session which connected them with colleagues from different grades, roles and Schools in order to collaborate on new ideas.

The notes capturing key discussions and thoughts from attendees from the event are being used by the thematic leads to help shape their forward planning.

Quotes from participants

“It was good to speak to all of the thematic leads in turn to find out more information”

“An enjoyable event - the best professional services event of this type to date”

“Nice to move around and work and chat to new people”

“Great to be given the opportunity to be listened to and to give some input”

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