Birmingham Professional Event Recap: Stress Management and Relaxation

On 15 February, over 40 staff from the College of Social Sciences Professional Services attended a Relaxation & Stress Management session led by Jean Harris and Bernard Payn of the University’s Wellbeing Team.

The session introduced positive and negative stressors and highlighted the difference between the two and how to identify them. Jean went on to discuss strategies for managing stress as an individual taking a proactive approach, and when individuals should seek personal support and the types of support services that the University and external agencies offer and how to access these. Those present took part in an exercise to identify their own stressers and possible, practical solutions were discussed as a group.

Bernard went on to lead some practical workstation exercises to aid wellbeing and relieve tension at the desk. Exercises for fingers, necks, backs and legs were demonstrated. Those present joined in with these and they received lots of positive feedback – and demand for further sessions of this type in the future.

Quotes from participants

“Tips for relaxation & thinking about what actually makes me feel stressed was really helpful”

“Loved the exercises to help relaxation and relieve tension at the desk and will definitely be doing more of these!”

“Would like to see more focus on wellbeing at future events in the College”

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