Birmingham Professional Event Recap: Introduction to Mindfulness

Event date: Thursday 13th September 2018, 11:00 - 12:30

This Birmingham Professional workshop, facilitated by Rev Dr Sharon Jones, Anglican Chaplain at the Multi Faith Chaplaincy, provided colleagues with a short introduction to mindfulness including a gentle, experiential introduction.

The experiential introduction allowed participants a ‘taste’ of meditation utilising small pieces of chocolate.  During this meditation, participants smelled and tasted the chocolate without daily distractions of events in the past or thoughts of the future.  With the mind not distracted by outside ‘noise’, all participants acknowledged that they often are too busy to take time to ‘small the roses’ or in this case ‘taste the chocolate’.

Sharon shared useful information regarding the science behind mindfulness.  100+ papers are written every year on mindfulness and millions of people using apps daily such as HeadSpace.  Findings detail decreased anxiety, depression, and irritability.  Increased mindfulness has also been shown to improve reaction times, mental and physical stamina, improve social relationships, and an improved immune system (less stress).

Quotes from participants

“I was so impressed with what I learned I have already purchased a book and downloaded the Headspace app.”

“Even though it was only a short introduction to mindfulness it has helped me become more aware of my thoughts and feelings.”

“I will definitely endeavour to practice mindfulness at least 5 minutes a day from now on”

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