How we can help you

Current students

You can use our services whether you are a Business School MSc, MBA, GDBA or PhD student. The services we offer include:

  • 1:1 Advice and Guidance

    Book an appointment with one of our team for help and guidance with career planning, job searching, skills development, CVs, covering letters and applications, interviews, online tests and assessment centres, negotiating job offers and working in the UK and abroad.

  • Access to Careers Events

    We run a rolling programme of career events and activities throughout the autumn, spring and summer terms. Many of them involve external speakers, so they are a valuable opportunity for you to hear directly from and network with major employers.

  • Up-to-date information

    Make sure you keep a look out for our regular Jobs Blasts, newsletters and emails.

All of the services mentioned above are accessible through Careers Connect. Use it to find out what’s happening, book appointments, book your place at events etc.

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Global Job Search

For country specific advice on job hunting around the world use 

Email the Careers in Business team at if you have any queries regarding this resource.

Video interviews

Video interviewing is now a very popular method of hiring amongst UK companies, particular multinationals running graduate management trainee programmes.  It’s usually the first stage following online application and testing.   Typically the interview is a series of pre-recorded questions where you may get some time to prepare before giving your answer, which will also be time limited.   You need to prepare for this like any interview (researching the company, role, having examples ready to demonstrate strengths and competencies, and looking up what other students have been asked using sites like Glassdoor). However you also need to consider some practicalities as follows:

  1. Try to avoid doing this on your phone; it’s much better to use a laptop or desktop
  2. Dress professionally and make sure you have a tidy background behind your webcam
  3. Ensure your face is lit (so avoid having a window behind you); use desk lamps if you need to
  4. Raise your web cam to eye level and deliver your answer to your web cam; remember to smile!

It can feel a bit strange having to talk to a webcam whilst sounding enthusiastic and it can be challenging to think of answers on the spot with a timer counting down!  You can improve your video interviewing technique and prepare really well by asking us to prepare a video interview for you using our system, Sonru, which is a platform used by companies to conduct interviews.  This will give you a really good experience and help you prepare for your real interview.

Email us at with information about the company and role and we will reply with instructions about accessing Sonru and your practice interview.

After graduation

The careers support we offer you does not end at graduation. As a member of the Business School’s alumni community, you can retain your Careers in Business Online account and continue to access the majority of our services. It doesn’t matter if you are no longer on campus - we can assist you over the telephone, via email or by Skype.


Professional Services