Identify your strengths to better understand yourself and find your career

Understanding yourself

Strengths-based coaching

A strength is an energising activity that is done well and done often.  If you're in a job that plays to your strengths and in a company that enables you to use your strengths, it's likely that you will feel more satisfied and happier at work.   Identifying your strengths can therefore be really helpful when thinking about careers and companies you would like to work for.  Some companies are also using a strengths based hiring process and will assess your strengths as part of their recruitment process.  If you have a good understanding of your strengths, it can help you when taking these assessments and answering interview questions.

We offer a 1-1 strengths coaching service; if you would like to book an appointment then please email us at and we will send you the link to the free strengths based assessment.

You can also use this free website to undertake an assessment; and then bring your results to us to discuss.

My Potential online assessments

The My Potential online self-assessment tools are available free of charge to University of Birmingham students.  These tools can help you in your personal and career development to understand more about:

  • tests used for job selection and your test-taking skills
  • how your abilities relate to career choices
  • your learning style and how you can become a more effective learner
  • you preferences and how these relate to your personality strengths and possible areas for development
  • your values


Registering and accessing tests

Current students: Can access the tests by registering for an account with Profiling for Success using your University of Birmingham in the following format: [username], e.g.

Graduates: can access the tests by registering for an account as directed above, using your alumni email.

 Once you are logged in you’ll be presented with three navigation options – please select ‘Take Tests’.


Types of tests available

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are a common component of the recruitment process for graduate roles.  We recommend trying the tutorial versions of these tests first, as they serve as an introduction to the format of the tests. Once you're ready, you can move on to practice tests, which more closely mimic real test conditions.

Tests available in this section include:

  • Abstract, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning (tutorial and practice tests)
  • Situational Judgement (tutorial test)

Personality Questionnaires 

Personality questionnaires can help you to better understand your preferences and interests, and can help you to clarify your career interests and goals.

Tests available in this section include:

  • Type Dynamics Indicator – understand your personality type
  • Values Based Indicator of Motivation – learn more about your values and how they motivate you
  • Learning Styles Indicator – discover your preferred style of learning


Team Focus, the organisation behind Profiling for Success, have created this video to tell you how to register for and use the service. (Video transcript)

To get feedback on your assessments, please book an appointment with the Careers in Business team.


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