Identify your strengths to better understand yourself and find your career

Understanding yourself

Strengths-based coaching

A strength is an energising activity that is done well and done often.  If you're in a job that plays to your strengths and in a company that enables you to use your strengths, it's likely that you will feel more satisfied and happier at work.   Identifying your strengths can therefore be really helpful when thinking about careers and companies you would like to work for.  Some companies are also using a strengths based hiring process and will assess your strengths as part of their recruitment process.  If you have a good understanding of your strengths, it can help you when taking these assessments and answering interview questions.

We offer a 1-1 strengths coaching service; if you would like to book an appointment then please email us at and we will send you the link to the free strengths based assessment.

You can also use this free website to undertake an assessment; and then bring your results to us to discuss.

My Potential online assessments

The My Potential online self-assessment tools are available free of charge to University of Birmingham students.  These tools can help you in your personal and career development to understand more about:

  • tests used for job selection and your test-taking skills
  • how your abilities relate to career choices
  • your learning style and how you can become a more effective learner
  • you preferences and how these relate to your personality strengths and possible areas for development
  • your values

The following aptitude tests are available:

  •  Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning

    To access the aptitude tests use the following codes:

    Client code:  tflhe                        Access code: bham                Password:            bham060515

The following assessments to help you understand yourself are available:

  •  Learning Styles Indicator - The Learning Styles Indicator looks at the way you prefer to approach learning tasks.
  • Type Dynamics Indicator Form - The Type Dynamics Indicator looks at your preferences and style according to four different dimensions of personality.
  • EI Questionnaire Plus - This questionnaire assesses you in relation to a number of areas related to social and emotional functioning.
  • Resilience Scale - Challenges and potentially stressful events are part of daily life. The Resilience questionnaire is designed to assess your typical attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in relation to challenging or difficult events.
  • Values-based Indicator of Motivation - We are all motivated by things that we value. The Values-based Indicator of Motivation is designed to identify those things that matter to you most.
  • Career Interest Inventory (Dodec) - The CII Dodec questionnaire will help you to understand more about your interests and the kinds of work that may be suitable for you.

To access these assessments use these codes (mostly the same except you are adding a “1” to the  Access Code)

    Client code:  tflhe                        Access code: bham1      Password:    bham060515

To get feedback on your assessments, please book an appointment through Careers in Business online.