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We look forward to welcoming you into our MBA community. Prior to you joining the University we have put together some useful guides and resources to help you get a head start.

On this webpage you will find a guide to creating your CV before your programme starts. As soon as you join, you will have access to our customised on-line CV benchmarking and scoring tool VMock, which uses sophisticated algorithms to give you personalised instant feedback. You can also work with our dedicated MBA Careers Consultant to develop and enhance your CV and tailor it to your chosen industry or sector. If you are joining one of our full time MBA programmes, we will encourage you to do this before the end of your first semester so that you can be included in our online MBA Profile Book.

Each year, we offer selected MBA students the opportunity to participate in our exclusive Deloitte Consultancy Challenge. The application process is competitive, so you’ll need a strong, well-structured CV if you wish to apply.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for MBAs and job seekers who are looking to start the next exciting chapter of their lives. You can use LinkedIn to locate industry insights, jobs and valuable professional connections. As an MBA at Birmingham Business School, you have the ideal opportunity to expand your connections through our global alumni networks. Our useful guide below will help you get started.

Our dedicated Careers in Business team are here to help you every step of the way. We look forward to meeting you.

MBA job search 

As an MBA student, you will already have a number of years professional work experience behind you. Your job search strategy will depend on a number of factors, for example:

  • How many years experience do you have?
  • What level of role are you aiming for?
  • Are you planning to change your sector, role function or location?

If you have less than three years' professional experience and are looking to move into a new sector, you may consider the graduate training programmes offered by many multi-national employers (see above section on graduate hiring). However, it is more likely that you will be seeking a role on an MBA Development Programme or as an 'experienced hire' candidate. 

MBA development programmes

Some large companies offer leadership programmes aimed specifically at MBAs. These are highly competitive and target the top candidates from business schools around the world. To be considered, you will need a strong academic background, excellent professional experience, outstanding leadership potential and evidence of involvement in activities or enterprises which clearly distinguish you from other candidates. Many programmes have early closing dates, often in the Autumn. You can find details of companies offering this type of programme on MBA Exchange. (make sure that you register using your Birmingham email address to ensure you get exclusive access to the MBA Development Programmes database).

Experienced hire recruitment

Companies advertise for experienced staff as and when vacancies arise. Jobs won't always be advertised as 'MBA' vacancies (although they may state that an MBA is an advantage) but you should still consider them if you have the relevant knowledge, skills, experience and motivation. Experienced hire vacancies are advertised all year round on company websites, jobs boards and through recruitment agencies. However, companies will be looking to fill the vacancy as soon as possible so there is little point in applying at the start of your programme. Three to four months before your programme ends is a good time to start applying for this type of role, but use the time before this to clarify your career aspirations, conduct research on the job market and identify the sectors/ companies that you would like to target.

As well as using companies' own websites and general jobs boards, you also have exclusive access to vacancies posted on the Careers section of the AMBA website.

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