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As part of this, we are keen to share a range of personal stories of a diverse group of colleagues from across the College, briefly outlining what they do to maintain their own wellbeing. We will add a selection of these to the wellbeing web pages, aiming to base them around the five ways to wellbeing:

1. Connect

2. Be active

3. Take notice

4. Learn

5. Give

We would like to then feature one or two in our monthly Wellbeing newsletters and the weekly College newsletter. 

Please send us your stories:

  • Up to 200 words describing an activity that you undertake to support your wellbeing, ideally including:
    • What challenges your wellbeing (are you an over thinker/worrier/someone who struggles to shut down from work or are you balancing work/family/other demands)
    • What inspired you to start this activity
    • The benefits you feel it brings to your wellbeing
    • Any successes/achievements you have made in your chosen activity
    • A photograph of yourself – ideally taking part in the activity or if not in a home setting together with something related to the activity.

We’ve already seen some good examples of what people do across the University on the new facebook group, and it would be great to create our own stories across CoSS, that can hopefully inspire others to take up new activities, as well as engaging colleagues as part of our College community.

Should you have any questions o[!--Start--]r require further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Send your story


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