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Runner’s corner is a collection of blogs from Couch to 5k running coach and Wellbeing Taskforce member, Dr Lee Gregory. Lee has many years of experience with Couch to 5k programmes, and is a member of a running group in South Birmingham. Whether you’re just starting out or have completed 5k programmes, this blog has something for everyone.

Lee introducing the Couch to 5k programme on Campus, 2019

Reasons to enjoy your run

I don’t always enjoy running. I have yet to meet a runner who, after every run, is able to say that their run was fantastic. There will be of course many great runs. But other times it just won’t feel great. The weather was awful. You found it particularly difficult for some reason. You just weren’t into it today. Bad runs happen. It is hard to shrug them off, so accept that they will happen and that you will have more positive running experiences than negative. So as a reminder, here are some of the reasons for enjoying running.

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Improving your running – without running

In January I decided on a new years resolution (don’t laugh) of using some of the fitness classes I was already paying for, thinking I’d work out which ones I liked and stick to those. Well. I did start classes, I enjoyed them all and then had several months of trying to do it all. I’ve now settled in to a better routine so here are reflections on my experiences of classes from a running training perspective.

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Building up the miles

If you are looking to build up distance, to increase the miles that you are running, there are a few things to consider. Lee Gregory offers insights into why you might consider increasing your distance and the activities you can undertake to do that.

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Runner lacing up a shoe

Motivating your run after 5k

Over the last five years or so I have helped a lot of runners get to 5k but have also seen several them go further. Some have run 10k, others a half marathon. A few have even completed a full marathon now. A few stay with the 5k having achieved their goals and not look to take their running further. But for those who do, Lee Gregory offers his top three tips.

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Running: a quick-start guide

During lockdown many will be looking to find ways of staying active, especially in their allowed daily exercise. For some this will lead them into running, perhaps a return to this activity, perhaps starting for the first time. There are plenty of “couch to 5k” apps out there offering good programmes to follow (although I personally dislike the term “couch” as it implies no activity whatsoever prior to running, which is unlikely). But often these don’t provide much information in terms of useful tips for new runners.

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