Our Birmingham Professionals

The Birmingham Professional programme is for everyone who works in Professional Services, irrespective of grade, where you are located in the University, or your role.

This includes support staff, academic-related staff, senior managers, technical staff, administrative staff, catering, estates, cleaning and grounds staff, nursery staff and security officers across all levels of the University.


Find out more about other Birmingham Professionals including hints and tips for how to develop at the University:

Steve Adams - Security Team Leader

Danielle Albracht- Alumni Relations Project Officer

Carla Amos- Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications 

Kerri Badger - Student Relations Manager, LES & Operations Manager, Sportex 

Phil Carter- Technical Support Officer, Grounds and Gardens

Margaret Donnison- Project Manager Team Leader

Gaby Howell- PA to Head of Civil Engineering

Selina Hunt - Nursery Manager

Stacey Johnson - Team Leader, College of Arts and Law

Steve Johnson - Operations Manager (Infrastructure), MDS

John Kirk - Deputy Director of Planning

Alison Lander - Administration Manager, MDS

Claire O'Sullivan - Head of Alumni Relations

Geeta Parashar - HR Project Manager

Ruth Perry - Research Support and Facilities Manager

Danny Warboys - Production Manager

Charlotte Wellington - Director of Operations, College of Social Sciences


You can also find out about the different ways that staff have been involved in Birmingham Professional initiatives and how they have benefitted from this:

Matt Cooper - Finance Manager, EPS

Amy Cory - Alumni Communications Officer

Paul Scott - Marketing Officer, CoSS

Erin Withers - Planning Officer



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