Coronavirus wellbeing support

We recognise that this is an uncertain and worrying time for many of our staff and would like to share a number of resources to support your wellbeing during coronavirus.

HR Support and Guidance

  • What support is there for staff who are worried about their wellbeing and Covid-19?
    The University wellbeing services – Workplace Wellness provides a 24/7 helpline for immediate emotional support, debt management services, general advice and information. The helpline access number is: 0800 1116 387.  In addition the University’s wellbeing services are available remotely (by Telephone or Skype) for Employee Advice and Listening, Disability and Occupational Health Management Referral appointments. Staff with existing appointments will be contacted directly. Find out more about University of Birmingham wellbeing services.
  • Where can I find information about wellbeing whilst working remotely?
    HR have provided guidelines to help support your wellbeing whilst working remotely, as well as that of your peers and teams with consideration to the community around us. This includes the CHILL principle, best practice guidelines and practical tips for all staff and managers.
  • Where can I find information on agile working and display screen equipment use whilst working remotely?
    HR have provided guidance on home working with display screen equipment (DSE) during the COVID19 pandemic as well as further information on (DSE) use and agile working DSE guidance. Please find a simple briefing note on how to set up a home-working workstation.
  • Where can I find further information about mental health from Workplace Wellbeing?
    The University's wellbeing services has information on mental health and the workplace, including information on ways to be mentally healthy at work, mindfulness and support for staff who may feel stress or distress. 
  • Remember and practice the Five Ways to Wellbeing tool where possible and appropriate:
    • Give
    • Learn
    • Take notice
    • Be Active
    • Connect

Other internal resources:


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