Essential resources and checklist

As part of the phased campus reopening we have developed a number of resources to support colleagues, including a mandatory Canvas course for those returning to campus, a Health & Safety Handbook and a social distancing product catalogue created by Creative Media for colleagues to order materials. 

Mandatory Canvas course 

For those members of staff who are authorised to return to campus, they must complete the above Canvas course before they return. Please only enrol on the course if you have received notification from your line manager that you will be returning to campus from 1 June.

Health and safety handbook 

The health and safety handbook gives authorised staff and students guidance on how to work at the University safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. It draws from guidance published by HM Government and other sources and is complementary to other guidance developed to support the return to campus. It sets out some of the differences that should be expected and the behaviours required to stay safe. The document outlines some of the differences that working on campus in the current environment will bring. Furthermore, it also outlines the expectations of and behaviour required from those on campus in order to ensure safety. 

Social distancing product catalogue (up-to-date as of 6 August 2020)

There is a single, official design for all social distancing materials. In order to ensure the safety of our staff, students and visitors it is important that we have one set of signage that everyone becomes familiar with, irrespective of where they are on campus. This is particularly important given that those staff who are back on campus may be asked to work in a building that they are not familiar with. 

How do I order social distancing material?

  • Once a building operations manager has been notified that their building or part of their building is going to reopen they will need to carry out a building reopening risk assessment. An Estates Project Manager will be identified to assist in the completion of each risk assessment.
  • As part of this process the completed risk assessment will identify the social distancing materials that are required within each building/spaces. The Estates Project Manager will complete and fill out the order form for the relevant items from the product catalogue. All forms will be sent to Simon Shakespeare in Estates for review and approval.  
  • Once approved, products will be prodced by Creative Media and a delivery date confirmed.
  • Signage and other products ordered will be delivered to the building by Creative Media or the Estates Project Manager for installation. Buildings will only open once the risk assessment has been completed, all social distancing measures are in place, the building cleaned and ready and signed off by the local Director of Operations or Senior Officer lead.


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