Mandatory training

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Every employee must complete training on key areas important to the safe and legal running of the Univerisity. The following courses need to be completed within the first month of employment at the University and then at periodic intervals thereafter: 

The five courses are:

Equality and diversity, refreshed every three years;

Data Protection (GDPR), refreshed every two years;  

Information and security training, refreshed annually;

Fire awareness training, refreshed every two years;

Health and safety induction

In addition to the above, the following training is mandatory for those in certain roles or who have specific responsibilities:

All employees involved in shortlisting, or sitting on an interview panel, must first attend a recruitment and selection workshop delivered by the HR Recruitment team.

  • Performance and Development Reviews (PDRs) for Reviewers

Line managers and those conducting PDRs in Schools must complete training on conducting annual performance and development reviews. Due to substantial differences between the PDR schemes for Support Staff, Academic, and Academic-Related staff, there are different training courses for these schemes:

PDR for Reviewers of Academic Staff - for those reviewing academic staff at Grades 6 to 10.

PDR for Reviewers of Academic-Related Staff - for those reviewing academic staff at Grades 6 to 10.

PDR for Reviewers of Support Staff- for those reviewing Support Staff at Bands 200 to 500.

Reviewers who carry out PDRs for both groups of staff will need to complete both training courses as the review processes, and outcomes, differ.


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