New Staff Member Training

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Central Induction and related support

Take a look at our new Central Induction Canvas Course!

All new members of staff, are required to complete the following five mandatory training courses:

Once completed, we recommend you set a reminder in your diary for when you are due to retake the GDPR, Fire Awareness and Information Security courses.

We would also suggest that as well as your local induction you select the following:

  • Central induction (see below)
  • Recruitment and selection workshop (both the online equality and diversity training and workshop are mandatory before you can sit on a recruitment or promotion panel from 2015)

Furthermore, if you are a member of the academic staff we would suggest that you also select the following:

College New Starter Welcome Pages

Further information for new starters joining one of our Colleges can be found here:

College of Arts and Law

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

College of Medical and Dental Sciences

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

College of Social Sciences

Central Induction Overview

Key contact

Contact POD (x44606; x43693;

Delivery method

Central Induction Canvas Course & Termly Welcome Event.

Who it is suitable for

All new members of University staff, as soon as possible after joining. This is the ideal opportunity to gain a greater awareness of the University; its history, research, alumni, community engagement and plans for the future, in addition to an introduction to the numerous support services available to all employees.

This session builds from your local induction, which should take place in your first few weeks, and will reinforce your welcome to the University.

What you will be able to do after the session

You will have a better view of how your role contributes to the success of the University and will have developed knowledge that will build on and support relevant local induction activities.


From the 1st July 2020, the Central Induction will change to an online format accessible through Canvas.

The Induction is modular, which will allow you to work at your own pace and select the order in which you work through the content.

Starting in January 2021, a termly welcome event will also be introduced to supplement the Canvas resource, initially through a webinar.

So what’s distinctive?

A chance to see the aims and ‘big picture’ of the University and the way all parts of the organisation go about achieving these as well as the opportunity to consider how you might contribute to success.

How to book

If you are a new member of staff who has not been on the Central Induction you will receive a URL invite to the Canvas course to enable you to self enrol. If you do not receive an invite please contact POD. 


Roles and Responsibilities for the Induction of New Staff

Information for Line Managers and Academic Leads who are responsible for inducting new staff can be found here.



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