University Induction


For more than a century the University of Birmingham has thrived by being purposeful, pragmatic and pioneering; a trio of qualities which reinforce each other to strengthen our position as a leading global university. 

Our people are integral to this success; they help us to develop innovative solutions to address big issues by combining original thinking with clear focus and rigour.

In order to build on this we need to continue attracting, developing and retaining the highest quality staff from around the world, people who can turn their ingenuity into reality and make important things happen, and induction plays a vital role in this.

Providing an effective and timely induction is therefore of the utmost importance and the University is committed to the induction process for every member of staff, including all new members of staff, those returning to work from a period of absence, and existing staff who have been appointed to a new role within the University.

Purpose of induction

The induction process provides a timely opportunity to:

  • Build the confidence of new employees of the University enabling them to achieve maximum impact.

  • Welcome new members of staff to the University and team in a positive and supportive manner, and to help them to settle into their new work environment;

  • Ensure that new members of staff understand how their role contributes to achieving the University vision as one of the world’s leading Universities.

  • Emphasise and underpin the principles, values and culture of the University;

  • Inform new members of staff about the University’s structure, policies and practices that are in place at a central and local level;

  • Ensure that all new members of staff gain the knowledge necessary to operate within the legislation that governs the University.

  • Ensure all new members of staff complete the five mandatory training courses:
  • Equality and diversity
  • GDPR
  • Information security training
  • Fire awareness training
  • Office health and safety

The Induction programme

It is the line manager’s responsibility to ensure all members of staff have an induction.  It should be well planned and structured.  The length and content of the induction programme will depend on the experience and understanding of the individual and the nature of the role they are undertaking.

As a line manager you will have the core content and overall aims of induction; however, the details of the programme will need to be tailored to the particular needs and requirements of the new person and their role.

Key stages of the induction programme

At the University of Birmingham we have 3 key stages to Induction:

 1. Pre-arrival

Following confirmation of the appointment by Human Resources, it is good practice for the line manager to send out a letter or email of welcome to the new member of staff in advance of their arrival.  This provides a more personal introduction to the University after the formalities of the recruitment process. This correspondence should typically cover: first day’s start time; where and to whom the member of staff should report when they first arrive; the dress code; what to expect on the first day; if any lunch arrangements have been planned, etc.  (It may also be helpful to enclose a copy of the induction programme if available).

 2. Local induction

The local induction process should commence on the first day of
employment and should continue until the member of staff is fully inducted into the team and their role.  The most effective induction is the induction carried out at a local level. The process itself will be led by the relevant manager, but should involve input from other colleagues who are best placed to provide the new member of the team with specific information and assistance. 

 3. Central induction

In addition to local induction, new members of staff will be given the opportunity to attend a University-wide induction event which runs on a monthly basis which provides staff with more information on the University services and functions, as well as providing an opportunity to meet other new colleagues and key personnel.  Staff will be booked on to an event which is closest to their start date, and should be encouraged by managers to attend.  


Other useful information

 Mandatory Training 

At the University of Birmingham every new employee is required to complete five mandatory training courses within the first month of employment. The courses are listed on the induction checklist with appropriate links. 

The five courses are:

Equality and diversity


Information security training

Fire awareness training 

Office health and safety



Induction checklists

Optional checklists

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