Mentoring Scheme

What is Mentoring?

"Mentoring is a developmental process in which a more experienced person shares their knowledge with a less experienced person in a specific context through a series of conversations over a period of time.”

Source: European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)


Mentor Enquiry Form

The role of a mentor is an important one; helping to guide and support a less experienced colleague in the achievement of their own personal career ambitions at the University of Birmingham.

If you have recently attended (or attended in the past) the Being an effective mentor workshop and would like to offer your experience to colleagues across the university looking for a mentor, please complete the mentor enquiry form and return it to Liz Leech (x45039), PA to the Assistant Director of HR, POD.


Mentee Enquiry Form

You may be looking for someone who has a particular set of skills, background or experience to occupy the role of a mentor as part of your own professional career development. You may wish to explore having a mentor who is not from your own discipline, department or school.

If you feel you would benefit from having a mentor, please complete the mentee enquiry form and return it to Liz Leech, PA to the Assistant Director of HR, POD.

At POD, we are keen to provide opportunities for staff to realise their professional and personal ambitions through the informal but no less important intervention of mentoring. On receipt of your enquiry form we will undertake a matching process based on our database of mentors (based on what type of mentoring you are looking for) and put you in contact.

Any initial queries, please contact Liz Leech on (x45039).


Being an effective mentor

Key contact

Contact POD (x44606; x43693;


Half day.

Delivery method

The workshop will be held at POD House (31 Pritchatts Road).

Who it is suitable for

This course is available to anyone who wishes to become a mentor at the University or has informal mentoring relationships already in place, and wants some additional training to help them with this role.

What you will be able to do after the course

At the end of the workshop you will have the confidence to take on the role of mentor and will understand how valuable a ‘mentoring’ relationship is to all concerned.


The workshop is an opportunity to understand your role and responsibilities as a mentor, and the skills relevant to this role. It will cover the University’s mentoring scheme, the benefits of mentoring, ground rules and confidentiality, the mentoring relationship and the skills of being an effective mentor.

So what’s distinctive?

An opportunity to grasp the subtleties of mentoring and the options open to you, so that you can develop a style unique to you and useful to your mentee.

How to book

Please submit a course on-line booking form



Mentoring Scheme Documents

Mentor Enquiry Form 

Mentee Enquiry Form

Mentor and Mentee Contract