To help in the current climate we are hoping to produce a series of short online training videos called  "PODbites" that all staff can access.

Icebergs and Pandemics

In this digital training Podbite, James Cull from the POD training team delivers a session that aims to enhance understanding of both our own and other people’s reactions, whilst working through a pandemic. It’s framed loosely around a useful model that has been adapted to help both colleagues and line managers become more conscious of their communication, emotional intelligence and understanding of each other’s needs whilst remote working.

Personality Preferences for Pandemicky Times

In our next PODbite James Cull offers a summary of the key points of one of the world’s most widely used and respected psychometric tools. Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) emanated from the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr Carl Jung, a protégé of Freud. His life’s work was then encapsulated and rearticulated by mother daughter team - Catherine Myers and Isobel Briggs during the second world war. They researched and created the four different personality ‘dichotomies’ initially to help women taking over men’s jobs during WWII. Myers and Briggs hoped this would help people understand their own strengths and areas for improvement. MBTI has grown in influence and popularity, being used in a range of large private sector, public and educational institutions. Watching this PODbite will enhance your understanding of your own and colleagues behaviour’s whilst working through a pandemic. It is divided into two clear parts – the first is below:




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