Vice-Chancellor's seminar series

The Vice Chancellor Chairs an annual series of seminars with a select group of outstanding undergraduates from across the University to discuss important issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. The seminars provide an opportunity for undergraduates to lead and engage in rigorous academic debate. Themes enable students to discuss topical issues using approaches from diverse disciplines such as high culture and elitism, scientific discovery, and medical and moral ethics.

To bring together outstanding undergraduate students; to foster high-level academic interchanges between exceptional students across Colleges; to give experience of leading and contributing to academic debate that is both rigorous and accessible.

The events are hosted by the Vice Chancellor. One student presents a paper of up to 15 minutes on a topic selected by the Vice Chancellor, a second responds and leads off the discussion for five minutes, roundtable debate follows, then a third student provides a five minute summary. All three students will be from the College on which the theme focuses.

All members must commit to attending the five seminars. The first four end with refreshments and networking; the final is held at Meadowcroft and ends with a dinner.

Heads of College are asked to identify and nominate three outstanding undergraduates (who may be in any year other than their first year) to take part in the seminar series. Membership of the seminar is for one year only.

How can you help?

If you know any students that meet the criteria mentioned and that would be interested in taking part in the Seminar Series please speak to your Head of College.

For further information please contact Mark Senior, Assistant Registrar, on

David Eastwood


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