Word document and event templates

The following templates have been created to support you with office communications, internal reports and events.

Styled Word documents

These templates are designed to make it easy for staff to lay out standard documents.

If you require bespoke document branding or documents for a high profile stakeholder (for example, a high profile research report with subject specific imagery on the front cover) please contact Creative Media.

Guidance on creating accessible PDF and Office documents 

General Word document template - blue cover

word-holder-min(Word - 1.17MB)

Usage description: Word documents that you may need to print out.

General Word document template - white cover

word-holder-min(Word - 2.27MB)

Usage description: Word documents that you may need to print out a high volume of copies.

Accessible online Word document template

word-holder-min(Word- 54KB)

Usage description: Word documents that you intend to email, share online, or upload to the website as a word document. Please note that turning this document into a PDF will not necessarily mean that it is accessible.

General overview template

word-holder-min(Word - 913KB)

Usage description: Reports, fact sheets or summary documents where you require images



signage-holder-min(Word - 637KB)

For Student Recruitment Open Day resources, please visit the UG Toolkit Resources page.


The University logo can be replaced in these letterheads with approved University sub-branding, for example an Institute lockup.

If you are using pre-printed paper, set up the document template without the logo.

Please note that access to templates on this page is restricted to staff only.


Agenda template

word-holder-min(Word - 42KB)


Professional Services