University co-branding

The University of Birmingham is often involved with partnerships, collaborations and supportive activities with a wide range of organisations of all sizes.

This page is for partners and those working with partners to provide guidelines on the consistent use of the University of Birmingham brand alongside other external brands and/or logos.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games partnership

The University of Birmingham is a Tier 1 sponsor of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Our partnership provides exciting opportunities to profile our brand alongside the Games. The following PDF contains guidance on how to use and position Birmingham 2022’s brand alongside our own, and includes links to downloadable logos / lock ups.

Download the Partner Identity Guidelines (PDF - 11.26Mb)

If you have any issues accessing this document, please contact the Brand Team.

Use of the logo for a partnership

A partner should only use University branding if a formal partnership agreement, sponsorship agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, or equivalent formal agreement exists.

Any materials that use the University logo must receive approval from your College Marketing and Communications team or the Brand Team to ensure that the guidelines have been followed.


The recommended logo to be used in all instances is the full colour version of the University logo. Branding should follow the University logo guidelines.

When we work with partners, the way we use our combined branding depends on the weight of balance of each entity’s involvement in the activity or project.

Lead partner

Where the University of Birmingham is the lead partner on a project, the University logo and branding should be the largest and most prominent. The University logo should always appear in the top left position above/before the logos of other partners.

Example 1

Equal partner

If the University is an equal partner, then it is important to ensure that the University logo appears with equal weight as other the partner logos in terms of size, placement, colour, etc.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4

Multiple partner

Logos are placed left to right with the University of Birmingham logo always placed first whenever possible.

Space between logos is as indicated, logos are to be sized to create equality to all partner organisation.

When there is more than one internal unit on a given project e.g. a jointly hosted event, the University logo should be used. If each unit would like to be represented they should arrange for a double to triple lock up to be created through their College Marketing and Communications team.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5

Minor partner

When the University of Birmingham is a minor partner, our logo should be clear and legible and should not be reproduced any smaller than 33mm with an exclusion zone as illustrated.

Example 1


Where the University of Birmingham has endorsed, sponsored, or given accreditation to another organisation, the logo may be used in combination with appropriately agreed wording that reflects the relationship.

Examples include:

  • An initiative of
  • In association with
  • Sponsored by
  • In partnership with
  • A part of

The choice of wording should be agreed with your College Marketing and Communications Team or the Brand Team on a case-by-case basis.

‘In partnership with’ or equivalent text should be set at 8pt in Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ positioned at the half point of 4 ‘U’s above the logo ranged left.

Example 1
Example 2

Long term strategic partnerships

The University of Birmingham logo must be used for long term strategic partnerships, opposed to individual unit logos. The University unit involved in the collaboration can be communicated within the text, content and/or wider context of the communication.

Alternative logo, co-branding or umbrella branding arrangements should be developed with the brand team. The University of Birmingham logo must not be arranged with any other logo without approval from the Brand team.


On rare occasions (approved by the Brand Team), it is possible to create a visual identity to bring together various teams across the University that are working on one of the University’s strategic objectives. This is the case for the ‘stamp’ that has been created to progress the University’s sustainability and social responsibility (S&SR) agenda.

Sustainability at Heart stamp

The stamp should act as a way to communicate that S&SR are at the core of what the University does, the decisions it makes, the research it produces etc.

Please note that the stamp is not a logo, because creating an individual ‘brand’ for sustainability would be counterproductive when the aim of it is to enhance the University’s reputation by helping our work in this area stand out. It should not be used in any collateral media as a logo, it is instead a stamp that is a signifier that this work is part of a wider strategic initiative. This page sets out guidelines for using the stamp, as well as examples of it in different applications.

If you would like to use the stamp, please email and the team will share the files with you. Please ensure this guidance is followed when applying the stamp:

How to use

  • It should be used in instances where content relates to sustainability e.g. research, Environmental Services and Sustainable Travel in Campus Services, Student Engagement and Estates’ Sustainable Labs Programme, research
  • The University of Birmingham logo must always be present when the stamp is used
  • The stamp should be used in the bottom right or left of the brochure/slide/screen
  • It should be no more than two times larger than the University of Birmingham logo (see example below)
  • It should be overlayed over images wherever possible opposed to standing alone
  • When included on digital content e.g. website banners, it should feature on the bottom right

When producing digital content, the University brand guidelines and video guidelines should be followed. You can use the stamp in the bottom right-hand corner of the ident at the end.

There are three versions of the Sustainability at Heart stamp (black, green and white). Black should be used in the majority of instances, however, green and white can be used when there is a dark background that it needs to stand out against.

Circular stamp with the words 'Sustainability at heart' (white text on black background) and a hand drawn heart.
Circular stamp with the words 'Sustainability at heart' (white text on green background) and a hand drawn heart.
Circular stamp with the words 'Sustainability at heart' (black text on white background) and a hand drawn heart.


If you have any questions about using the stamp, please contact:


Professional Services