University logo guidelines

The University of Birmingham logo identifies who we are. It reminds people of the heritage and credibility of the University, what we stand for and what we offer.

Consistent use of visual branding is important across all communication for reinforcing our identity, and driving recognition, credibility and trust.

University logo

The main logo consists of two elements that should not be be separated:

  • The University crest - this appears on the Royal Charter, and includes the mermaid, a two-headed lion and a book with the motto ‘Per Ardua Ad Alta’.
  • The University of Birmingham word marque

Please note that the University crest is an element of the University of Birmingham logo. It should never be altered and may only be used as a separate element with approval from the branding team. The crest may appear on the University logo (locked up with the word marque), approved merchandise and approved buildings.

Additional logos

As our business needs to evolve, our brand must do so alongside it. While our logo is unchanged in the majority of circumstances, there are times when it needs to flex for different audiences or applications. There are two instances of this:

Dubai lock up

We also have a University of Birmingham (Dubai and UK) logo but please note, this does not replace the master logo and should only be used when approved for a certain audience or market. For example, this version of the logo - that clearly promotes both of our campus locations in the UK and Dubai – is appropriate for international student recruitment, and use by the Dubai team.

Use of this logo is on a case by case basis so please contact the brand team if you wish to apply it to your work or area.

If your use of this logo is approved, please follow the main logo guidance for advice on placement, exclusion zones etc.

Exclusion zone

To ensure the logo always appears prominently, leave sufficient clear space around it. The minimum amount of clear space is equal to the height and width of two ‘U’s from the word marque.

Other graphics on the page edge should not encroach on this area.

Ideal clear space for logo on all publications (print and digital)
If space is really limited (digital only)

Minimum size

Our logo must be clear and legible. It should not be reproduced any smaller than the minimum size indicated below (print and web).

Minimum size for print
Minimum size for digital

If you have design restrictions for items like pens, key rings etc that may require the logo to be used in a smaller form, please contact the branding team for approval.

Positioning and size

In printed and digital publications the logo should ideally be located top left and have a two ‘U’s exclusion zone on every side. Other graphics on the page edge should not encroach on this area (see examples below). When designing a printed publication, the University logo should be reproduced in the dimensions set out below.

University logo dimensions
Publication sizeLogo width
A0 (841 x 1189mm) 250mm
A1 (594 x 841mm)  175mm
A2 (420 x 594mm)  125mm
A3 (297 x 420mm)  90mm
A4 (210 x 297mm)  65mm
A5 (148 x 210mm)  55mm 
A6 (105 X 148mm) 48mm 
Business cards 40mm 

Dimensions for print

Logo variations

Alternative colour variants (below) of the main University logo may be used, but only where the full colour logo cannot. Avoid placing the logo on similar coloured backgrounds to maintain high contrast and definition.


  • Used for printing high quality items. 
  • Can be scaled to any size without losing quality.
  • Supports transparency.


  • Used for high quality photography and lo-res online use. Not recommended for print.
  • Loses quality if scaled over its pixel width.
  • Doesn't support transparency.


  • Designed for transferring images on the Internet and not made for print.
  • Supports transparency.
  • Cannot be scaled over its pixel width.
Logo file formats and download options
 Logo version For screen (RGB) For print (CMYK)


Full colour


Reversed (white), for use
against block colour backgrounds
png eps 


png eps


Black line
png  eps 


White line
png eps

Examples of logo usage

It is essential that the University logo is applied correctly and to the exact specifications. The logo must never be altered or amended.

Primary position of logo

Postgraduate Prospectus
Marketing material

Alternative positioning of logo

Undergraduate Prospectus
Buzz Magazine

Incorrect use of the logo

Our logo must always be reproduced from the master artworks. It should never be changed in any way. See below for examples of some ‘don’ts’.

  • Don’t use the logo on background colours which make it illegible
  • Don’t use the logo over busy elements of a photograph
    (please see logo usage on photography)
  • Don’t use a different typeface in place of the word marque
  • Don’t skew the logo
  • Don’t distort the logo (do not squash or stretch it)
  • Don’t change the colours of the word marque or the crest
  • Don’t split the crest and word marque or use one element without the other (unless approved)

Usage on photography

See below for examples of how the logo can be used on photography.

‘Do’ use the logo on a flat colour area of an image


‘Do’ use it on an image if boxed


Trademark and Brand Protection

The University logo is a registered trademark and must not be reproduced without the permission of The University of Birmingham.

Anyone using the University logo, in any context, should follow the logo guidelines. This includes use on publications, websites, electronic communications and merchandise.

We do not allow any other organisation to use our logo or name without permission. Where a partnership or other arrangement exists with a third party (whether another institution, some other entity or an individual), the visual identity guidelines should be referred to when agreeing with such third party how it can use the University’s name and/or logo, whether on a website, in publicity or marketing materials or in any other way. Visit our co-branding page for more information.


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